Borrow For The Right Reasons.

Pay your bills. Build your credit. Live your life.

Stop the interest and penalty clock on your past due bills with our Direct Pay online Loan.


With a successful repayment history, you build your own credit profile with progressa and qualify for automatic interest rate reductions every six months, reducing the cost of borrowing as you go.

Example is based on $10,000 loan for three years, with starting rate of 46.95% APR and multiple interest rate reductions ending at 36.00% APR. this example is for illustrative purposes only. Cost of borrowing may vary depending on your repayment history.


To help you measure your progress towards better credit, we have partnered with TransUnionĀ® to give you a free copy of your credit report.

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A Different Kind of Lender

We are interested in your future, not your past. Millions of Canadians have had their credit rating impacted by overdue bills.

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Reward Your Success

Earn your way to a better rate. Build your score by making payments on time, reducing your debt load and improving your credit score.

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Join The Community

Thousands of Canadians are enjoying a better way to borrow. Join a community of Canadians who are getting their financial life back on track.

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Meet Melissa

Melissa is a nurse who worked with progressa to repay her loans bi-weekly and get back on track, and work toward her goals of buying her own apartment. Find out more about Melissa's story, and how Progressa worked for her. 4

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