• Your Story Matters

    So We Look Beyond Your Credit Score

    We have helped tens of thousands of Canadians improve their financial health by paying off outstanding collections items, improving their credit and getting them back to living their life.

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  • A Better Way To Borrow

    We report your re-payment history to TransUnion which helps establish and build your credit score. You also get free access to your credit report.

    Earn Your Way To A Better Rate

    With a successful repayment history, you build your own credit profile with Progressa and qualify for automatic interest rate reductions every six months, reducing the cost of borrowing as you go.

    We Pay Your Bills Directly

    With growing Canadian household debt, Canadians need an online lender that is focused on helping Canadians reduce their debt load rather than add to it.

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  • In Their Own Words

    “Progressa helped me with every step of the way of actually building my credit and helped me dig myself out of a financial situation.”

    Kelly B. - Progressa Customer

    “Just a great company for helping build your credit and get you back on track.”

    Rebecca H. - Progressa Customer

    “You have relieved me of stress without stressing my bank book.”

    Nicole S. - Progressa Customer
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