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We look at data other lenders don't, like your bank statements, employment history, and earning potential. This helps us build a better picture of your full financial profile so we can offer you a way to pay your old bills even if your traditional credit score may be low.

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Every loan application includes a short phone interview with our loans advisors 3. We take the opportunity to go through your monthly financial budget with you, to make sure our loan is affordable to you and that you have a clear path to pay off your bills once and for all.

We Pay Your Debts

If you're approved to finance your bills with Progressa, you can set your exact payment and choose the length of time you pay it back over. How do we decide whether you qualify?
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"Direct Pay" Lending Means Progressa Takes Care of Your Bills.

Paying off your past due bills is the right thing to do. We can help.

  • Payments based on what you can afford
  • Payment terms are flexible - pay what you want, when you want!
  • Loans are totally open - repay in full at any time without penalty
  • An opportunity to get out of debt and alleviate stress.
  • We pay your bills directly for you, so you don't need to worry!
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